International Trading Group LTD was created for one purpose: to help others realise their business dreams. We want to help fledgling companies get their feet off the ground, and help established companies keep up with rapidly changing trends and technology.


Because the world needs ideas like yours.

Too often we see others as competitors, even those in unrelated industries. We’ve bought into the illusion that business is a race to the top, and that the top only has room for one. In reality, variety, support, and a sense of a large-scale, shared endeavor are what lead to success. At International Trading Group LTD, we know this, and want to share this mentality with the business world.


At International Trading Group LTD, we’re committing to giving back to the community. That’s why we donate money to a variety of charitable causes throughout the world. With success comes responsibility, and we believe it’s our responsibility to help underprivileged and vulnerable families wherever they are.

Our philosophy is simple. We believe in helping others. This is why we’ve made it our business to help others succeed, and why we feel honor-bound to help those families who cannot help themselves.