At International Trading Group LTD, we firmly believe in giving back to the community and helping those in need. All across our planet, people live without basic necessities, including food, shelter, and clean water. We believe that all who are capable of helping the vulnerable and underserved, should be helping.

That’s why International Trading Group LTD donates money to carefully selected charitable causes that help reduce suffering in the world. We’ve donated money to Mixed Massage Therapies to purchase and deliver 50 kg bag of rice to a struggling family in Africa. With nearly 800 million people worldwide living in a state of starvation, every bit of aid is desperately needed and greatly appreciated.

We hope to help many, many more families as our company grows.

Our donations are currently divided between the Helping Hands Coalition, Habitat for Humanity and Mixed Massage Therapies (MMT). The Helping Hands Coalition primarily provides aid to survivors of the Holocaust, while MMT provides healing and pain treatment via a mobile service, ensuring that no one is neglected due to a lack of transportation. MMT also provides extensive charity work to disadvantaged families throughout the world.

When we say we want to use our business to help others succeed, we take it to the extreme. We want to help individuals and families succeed, not just in business, but in their own lives. We want to help the destitute out of a hopeless situation and into a place where they can earn for themselves and create a happy life.

As our profits continue to increase, so will our ability to help the underprivileged. We are connected, individually and collectively, to all of humankind, so of course we want our success to help others reach their goals as well.